Author: Louis

How to join neighbourhood watch?

A lot of people are asking how to join a neighbourhood watch because they are aware that the security in their neighborhood is not where they want it to be. Many robberies have been reported in the past few months and a lot of homes have been broken into. There are too many kids in […]

How does neighbourhood watch work?

It’s a question that often comes up when you have a family – How does neighbourhood watch work? Neighbourhood watch is not some new concept; it has actually been used for decades in many countries. The premise behind it is simple: when a local neighbourhood is monitored by a specially trained, vigilant citizen, crime will […]

How to start a neighbourhood watch?

One of the most effective strategies for dealing with a neighborhood crime problem is to organize a neighbourhood watch team. Many people are intimidated by this prospect, but don’t let that stop you! The peace and safety that a neighbourhood watch brings to an area are well worth the investment in time and resources. It […]

What is neighbourhood watch?

What is a neighbourhood watch and why are people asked to join? Well, a neighbourhood watch is a dedicated team of citizens devoted to reducing crime and theft in a specific neighbourhood. These volunteer enthusiasts monitor the activities of criminals and their associates, offering live reports to the police on a daily basis. The crime […]